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It’s Not So Black and White is filled with gripping, honest, often heart-wrentching stories about real women who have survived postpardum depression. These stories explore the thoughts and feelings of mothers from various points of recovery-some while they were experiencing the pain, others looking back on their journey they have recoverd from. Cynthia Nicolella Olkie’s stunning photos of these women and their families highlight where these women are now, how far they have come, and provide visual proof that the joys of motherhood are not lost to women suffering from this illness.

Calling for more awareness, no silence, and better informed professionals, It’s Not So Black and White attempts to ilustrate how postpartum depression can hit any woman, under any circumstances, and take hold without mercy. It is vital that our society understands the prevalence of this illness and that women who are seeking help should face no stigma, no denial, and no condemnation. Mothers with pospartum mood disorders should be ushered into recovery by professionals who can help them pull through the darkness as quicky as possible. These moving passages were shared with the hope that increasing awareness will prevent new mothers from suffering in silence and confusion.

It’s Not So Black and White is as hopeful as it is raw. It’s sole mission-to bring this dark, often hidden side of motherhood into the light, where women can find help, relief, and understanding.

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