Santa is Coming to Town!! Your Town!


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A scheduled one on one private session with Santa in a totally live interactive experience.


This is NOT just a photo session, but an actual total immersion experience that you and your child/children go through with Santa in real time.  We do not do poses (except for 1 family posed photo at the end), but quietly capture what plays out in front of your eyes.  


Santa and his helpers are trained to interact with your family through many natural trigger points throughout our set such as reading a story together, giving Santa their Christmas list, etc.  Santa will stay in character from the moment you walk into the door and until you leave after the experience. 


The investment you are making is not in a standard sit on the lap with Santa, or mall Santa setup. It is a unique immersive experience. 


The (2) Packages Available are:


$89 Print Package - Includes:

10 minutes of Private time with Santa plus

(1) 8x10, (2) 5x7's, (8) Wallets of (1) Image of your choice.



$199 Digital Download All Images -Includes:

10 minutes of Private time with Santa plus

All of your Gallery Images.




Remember.....No waiting in long lines!!!